Web Hosting 101: Finding Your First Host

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Web Hosting 101: Finding Your First Host

Are you looking for a reputable website hosting company that can help you improve your brand’s online presence? Research on the best web hosting companies. Looking for your first one can be overwhelming and intimidating. Below are some details you should look into.

1. The Big Players

Big players like WordPress and GoDaddy offer more expensive options. The things you receive in return? Great, extensive documentation and customer support.

2. The Cheap Players

On the other part of the spectrum are web hosting providers such as NearlyFreeSpeech, offering low-end services. If you have a limited budget, and have friends who can help you out on this aspect, then this this platform is a great platform to explore.

3. The Professionals Who Let You Do Your Own Stuff

The most crucial thing you should consider when picking a web hosting service is looking for a professional who will give you enough control over your own website to get things done.

4. SSH Access and FTP Access

Are you familiar with SSH and FTP? These are go-between technical services by which your own computer can communicate directly to the server, without going through the website’s public face. For many websites, this kind of access is the only solution to backend problems.

5. Reliability

The website hosting provider you will choose should have a good reputation for keeping servers running, and practically online 24/7.

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