5 Foods Every Man Over 50 Should Avoid Eating

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5 Foods Every Man Over 50 Should Avoid Eating

As men grow older, they typically are not as active as they were back when they were
still young. That is mainly attributed to the fact that their testosterone levels have dipped
considerably at the start of age 50.

As a result, it is vital that men should stop consuming (or at least, minimize) some foods
that are known to lead to certain medical conditions, including diabetes, high blood
pressure, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

In today’s article, I will talk about the foods that you should avoid eating when you reach
the age of 50 and beyond. But, what you should take instead are the right supplements
for men to ensure that you are giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to perform
optimally even as you grow older.

Fatty Lunch Meats

Meats like bologna, salami, and pepperoni should be avoided like the plague. That is
because they are not only rich in preservatives, but they are also high in saturated fat
which is known to lead to an increased risk of heart disease, according to the American
Heart Association.

Processed meats such as the one I’ve just mentioned have also been linked to
colorectal cancer, a dangerous form of cancer that can only be detected in its later stages.

It is still unclear why processed meats can lead to such cancer, but a possible link could
be that it is rich in preservatives.

Rib-Eye Steak

There is a reason why rib-eye steaks are flavorful and that is mainly due to the fact that
it is one of the fattest cuts of beef.

According to Dr. Deepak Talreja, a cardiologist, rib-eye steaks contain loads of
saturated fat that may lead to heart disease.
If you absolutely want to eat steak, you could opt for the leaner cuts instead, such as
the New York Strip or the top round steak, for example.

White Chocolate

Although dark chocolate provides a lot of health benefits (including increased libido),
white chocolate doesn’t offer anything substantial. If anything, it will just lead to diabetes
and nothing else.

Truth be told, white chocolate isn’t exactly chocolate since it is made mostly of sugar
and vegetable fat.

If you need your chocolate fix, a single block of dark chocolate should suffice (and may
even help you get better in bed).

Protein Bars

You’re probably consuming this back in the day (and even to this day if you are a more
active individual). But, at the age of 50, you should stop eating them as they are mostly
just candy bars in disguise.

Usually, companies would just slap the word ‘protein’ in an energy bar just to make it
seem that it is healthy. Although I am not talking about every protein bar out in the
market, I am talking about the vast majority.

Instead of taking protein bars, just make a sandwich that is filled with egg and lean
meats instead.

American Cheese

Ever seen those gooey cheese that is added to some sandwiches and burgers? That is
typically American cheese, but do not be fooled: It is not an actual cheese. It is mostly
processed and its ingredients are mostly starch, salt, milk fat, oils, and emulsifiers.

Fortunately, you do not skip every cheese that you can find as there are better
alternatives. Goat cheese is one healthy alternative as it contains a lot of essential fatty
acids and is much easier to digest than your regular cow’s cheese.

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